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– from school photos to corporate portraits

Our roots in Mesterskud

At Eikonice, we’ve evolved from Mesterskud’s school portraits to shaping the future of corporate photography. Our journey has been formed by our understanding of the many intricate aspects of capturing unique moments and the technology that enhances them. We’ve taken the vast, complex experiences of managing numerous photography projects across various locations and distilled them into a refined, technology-driven approach that sets us apart in the photography industry.

Our roots are in Mesterskud, where we learned the art of balancing customer expectations with both the practical and artistic requirements of photography. This experience taught us the importance of precision and the relentless pursuit of zero error. It instilled in us the value of understanding and meeting the needs of a diverse set of stakeholders — from school administrations to students and their families.

Embracing Technology for a New Era

At Eikonice, we have embraced the challenge of digitising and streamlining the workflow to not only meet but exceed the expectations set by our legacy. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our use of data-driven processes, GDPR compliance, and the development of cutting-edge algorithms for graphic image processing. The integration of machine learning into our operations has revolutionised the way we approach outsourced graphic processing, printing, and international supply chain management.

Our journey has been one of marrying the traditional skills of photography with modern technological advancements – always with a clear focus on the automation and optimisation of all parts of the process. 


A Customer-Centric Approach

The lessons learned from Mesterskud, particularly the importance of a customer-centric approach, continue to guide our operations at Eikonice. Our ongoing dialogue with photographers and companies ensures that we remain at the forefront of the industry, not just meeting current needs but anticipating and shaping future trends.

Our Promise

As we look to the future, Eikonice is committed to remaining at the intersection of tradition and innovation. We will continue setting new standards for corporate photography, ensuring that every image captured or processed is a testament to our dedication to precision, quality, and our customers.
Our journey from Mesterskud to Eikonice isn’t just about the transition from traditional to digital — it’s about creating a legacy of excellence that endures. 

It’s about redefining corporate photography.

Tested on humans…

4 mio images

Processed every year

The Eikonice platform  have undergone rigorous stress testing to ensure optimal performance. Demonstrating its robust infrastructure, the platform seamlessly manages millions of portraits annually without a hitch, affirming its capacity to handle substantial volumes with efficiently.

250.000 Faces

In over 250 organisations

We service an array of different organisations – from banks and retail chains to schools and pharma. What they have in common is a dedication to utilising employee portraits to best showcase their most important assets.

250 pro


Photographers increasingly turn to the Eikonice platform as our platform provided a streamlined and efficient workflow. The number of photographers relying on the Eikonice platform continues to grow,  marking it as an essential resource for those seeking efficiency and excellence in their corporate photography workflows.

From hours…

…to seconds

A streamlined and efficient workflow ensures that each photosession runs like a clockwork and the platforms fully automated AI analyses and treats all the portraits on the go. This has reduces the time spend from hours to seconds – and reduced the cost from euros to cents. 

…and proven by reality

Cost pr. portrait

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With technical improvements to the platform, a greater throughput and access to better, yet cheaper hardware, it has been possible to reduce the cost of each individual portrait.

Processing time pr. portrait

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Faster hardware and a solid investment in the development of the platform, has lead to a significantly faster processing of the millions of portraits handled by the platform.

Portraits handled

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Over time, more and more organisations have realised that the time consuming hassle of old regarding planning and executing photosessions with hundreds of people, are long gone. With efficient planning tools, an automated workflow and advanced AI processing more and more organisations have unleash the potential of corporate portraits.

The heros

Eikonice-About-Us-2023-Jørgen_sq –
Jørgen Bødker
CEO and Founder

+25 years of experience in commercial leadership roles in SME and large global organisations. Project leadership of Six Sigma and process optimisation projects.

Eikonice-About-Us-2023-Peter_sq –
Peter Therkildsen
Senior Programmer

25+ years programming and system development Tech industry in the US, CH, DK Back-end to end-user

Eikonice-About-Us-2023-Bo_sq2 –
Bo Merris Vejlund
Professional Photographer

Portrait specialist focusing on the ideal mix of human interaction, photo quality, and workflow automation.

Eikonice-About-Us-2023-David_sq –
David Rønne
Commander of Crayons

Creative design lead with +25 years of experience

Eikonice-About-Us-2023-Per_sq –
Per Askestad
Chairman, Investor

More than 30 years as a consultant and director in the communication industry. Specialized in digital transformation, strategy, business- & product development.

Eikonice-About-Us-2023-Woman_sq3 –
Board Member

Board experience from start-up to scale up companies and from leadership of global software companies providing Technology and Solutions.

Our Mission

Portraits are front and center, but…

Corporate portraits are a touchpoint for many people and departments, and they don’t exist in isolation. Our goal is to build on our expertise in handling portraits to further expand into the adjacent areas.  
Beyond portraits, we aim to establish our platform as the go-to resource for ensuring visual consistency and brand coherence across diverse media.

We aim to make eikonice the preferred solution for  professional photographers  We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by photographers in a corporate setting. As such, our platform is designed not only to meet but exceed the expectations of professionals in the field. This involves providing advanced tools for photo editing, seamless collaboration features, and a user-friendly interface that enhances the overall photography workflow.

Even deeper integration

The emphasis on deeper integration goes beyond the standalone capabilities of our platform. We actively focuses on building integrations with other systems and APIs that are integral to an organisation’s daily operations. This approach aims to enbed eikonice as a natural part of an organisations digital  ecosystem, where our platform seamlessly interacts with existing tools and technologies – all ways with the continued goal of enabling organisations to leverage the value of high-quality portraits in all aspects of their dealings.

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