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photo event planner

Discover the dedicated tool to the efficient and hassle-free planning and execution of corporate photo sessions.

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Flexible planning tool

The eikonice planner has flexibility at its core. Invite people directly from the planner or simply share a link on your organisation’s intranet – or send the link to a chosen few in an email. Book timeslots for people manually or have the planner handle it – or a combination. The choice is yours

User driven

The employees have the opportunity to plan their portrait timeslot to match the rest of their workday. The can book, cancel and change their timeslot as the need arises. Any free timeslots are immediately available  to those who have not already booked.

Bulit-in communication

All the necessary communication is handled automatically. The planner informs about any changes and sends calendar bookings and SMS reminders to all employees. Most importantly, the planner can send the final photoplan with all necessary information directly to the photographer.


No more:

Complex excel-sheets

 Managing multiple photo sessions with a lot of people manually can be complex, daunting and increases the risk of errors and mistakes. Keeping spreadsheets updated is a time consuming task. Thankfully there is a better way.

Manual management

Who has booked? Which timeslots are available? Far too often changes in a photoplan are a necessary evil. Calling Kathy to tell her that she can have John’s timeslot because he now has a two o’clock meeting is a thing of the past.

Time wasted

Making sure that everybody knows which timeslot they have, informing them of changes and sending and updating calendar invites is a task no one enjoys – with the eikonice planner you won’t have to anymore.

Create multiple photo events and invite people in under five minutes

Share links to planned photoevent on your intranet and let people book a photoshoot on their preferred date and time – or send a booking link by e-mail to a select group of people.

…The planner handles the rest

Users book their own timeslots and can change them if they have to. They receive automated calendar bookings and email and SMS reminders.

Just one click to send all information to the photographer

The complete photoplan

The photoplan is generated and updated in real-time. It contains all necessary information – including contact person on the day and location for the photosession –  and therefore provides a complete overview of all aspects of the photosession.

One click and it’s done

Simplicity, usability and an optimised workflow is the core idea behind the dedicated photo session planner. An example of this is the single click necessary to send all information directly to the photographer.

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