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Flaunt your greatest assets

…and grow pride and happiness

Eikonice ensures that every employee has a high quality portrait they are proud of on all internal and external platforms. When people feel appreciated, they happily walk the extra mile and spread the word about the company along the way.

Visuals – stronger than words

How you present your employees is essential part of the organization visual identity and it gives you an great opportunity to visualize the company values through your people.


Every face is the face of your organisation

Use employee portraits internally and externally

To welcome new people in your organization during the pre- and onboarding proces

On different internal platforms such as the intranet, office 365 and Zoom

In press releases and management reports

In your employee branding campaigns and LinkedIn profiles

On the website, customer support and message boards

In identification and security systems

Integration and automation is key

The Eikonice platform provides automation and integration with other systems in the organisation. Automatically deploy updated portraits to the website, change portraits across the Office suite or ensure that the newest portraits are  used in e-mails and other systems.

Empower identity.
Intelligent editing. Automate delivery.

Portraits from any camera delivered in any design and resolution
to any system in your organisation  – instantly.

Discover the power of AI

Advanced AI automatically masks the person and adds the desired background and colour adjustments on the fly. You can add new designs and formats to existing portraits as you need them.

Portraits match your design guides across all media and platforms

And you don’t even have to lift a finger…

The real magic happens
behind the scene

All the images are analysed and treated by the advanced AI on the eiokonice platform. Images are cropped and adjusted to ensure a unform expression accross all the portraits in the organisation.

Even if design guides should change – the portraits changes right along with them.

Any design
at anytime

The eikonice platform enables the organisation to have access to any version needed at any time. Even if it’s just a christmas version with a santa hat.

No more waiting for the photographer or some one in marketing to create a new version of a portrait.

High quality
– max flexibility

The eikonice platform stores the orriginal high resolution images from the photographer. They form the basis for any versions needed.

So if a new version is required, it can be crated for 10, 100 or 1000 people fast and in the best possible quality.

Try it

Experience advanced automated image editing

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