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Corporate portraits in your pocket

AI-driven and hassle-free way of handling corporate portraits – directly from your phone

Utilise the latest camera technology on your mobile phone to provide high quality portraits of your employees from day one. No investment or maintenance of photo robots.


Any portrait from any source

Don’t change what you already do, unless you want to. The platform accomodates portraits from any camera – from pro SLRs to smartphones and photo-bots.


Make everyone
love their portraits

The platform lets everyone easily view, select and change their own preferred picture, as well as downloading it for personal use and LinkedIn.


Portraits for
all platforms

Intelligent integration ensures that portraits are updated across all organisational systems and automatically shares them to  e-mail, intranet, identity badges, LinkedIn and more.


One solution for
all portraits

Have a continuous overview of all organisational portraits throughout the employee journey. No matter where they are located. Goodbye to “Photo coming soon”.

Just shoot and select

…and let eikonice do the heavy lifting

A structured workflow

Just focus on taking great portraits of all your co-workers and let eikonice perform its magic. The edited portraits are delivered to all platforms and systems.

Free e-book

Learn how to take great corporate portraits

We have gathered the most important tips and tricks in an easy-to-follow guide – dedicated to helping people who need to take great pictures of their co-workers or employees for ID-cards, newsletters or SoMe-purposes. Absolutely free.


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