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Efficiency and quality through digital automation

...in the area between Human Resource, Marketing and Facility Management.

With the increasing digitalisation, employee portraits has become much more important – but also more complicated and time consuming for organisations to handle. And Eikonice is on a mission to change that.

Goodbye to…

  • Inefficient and manual process
  • Portrait “coming soon”
  • Design chaos and no compliance to corporate identity
  • Blurry photo and uneven backgrounds
  • Employee dissatisfaction
  • Distribution, storage and GDPR headache
…and hello to great updated portraits everywhere
A good first impression makes the difference

We developed Eikonice with organisations with many employees or a high staff turnover in mind – and as a cloud solution, it really shines when people are situated in multiple locations. Eikonice can be used as a delivery platform by external photographers with professional equipment, and yet it allows for photobots and lets employees use our app to take pictures of their coworkers as well – in any combination needed. We’re flexible.
The choice of method usually depends on how, why and where the portraits are to be used. This is typically determined by the purpose of the portraits – identification or presentation.

We are already collaborating with a number of professional photographers, enthusiastic about the opportunities and experience Eikonice provides in regard to giving their work added value for companies and employees.

In “employee branding” campaigns, Eikonice is a powerful tool that automatically ensures quality portraits on all company platforms. New employees feel welcome with a smarter on-boarding process, which over time creates a strong culture.

Eikonice introduces digital automation in the area between Human Resource, Marketing and Facility Management.

We streamline workflows through the automation of all processes relating to employee portraits. Beginning  before the first photo session and going all the way to the final upload of a colour adjusted and cropped High-Res photo on all company platforms – internally as well as externally. All while  ensuring complete  GDPR compliance.

Our cloud based solution eliminates all manual  processes  in the  continuous handling of employee portraits –  while cutting costs at same time, since the editing and adjustments normally associated  with handling portraits are completely automated by our advanced AI.

A cloud-based solution automatically distributes portraits in the right format to the right location

But most importantly, Eikonice enhances employee satisfaction, dedication and team spirit by giving each person direct involvement in the choice of their own portrait.

Never compromise

Our efficient integrated workflow enables instant delivery of high quality portraits to all company systems – from any camera, smartphone or photobot.

We offer a ready-to-go cloud solution to all organisations who stand by the belief that their employees are truly their most important assets.

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