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The perfect picture

Framing techniques for empowering employee portraits

Discover how optimizing portrait angles and framing cannot only refresh an employee's image but also empower your corporate identity. Portraits can never be overstated—it is often the first impression a company makes to the outside world

Is your company’s portrait approach as dynamic and flexible as it could be?

Consider how Eikonice could revitalize your employee images, aligning them perfectly with your brand’s evolving identity. Explore our solutions and lead the way in innovative portrait management

In the corporate world, the first impression often comes from a photograph—an employee portrait. From boardroom displays to business websites, these images carry significant weight. Historically rooted in the traditional chest-up portrait, the evolution of employee photography now embraces dynamic full-figure portrayals and diverse framing techniques. At the forefront of this revolution is Eikonice, which leverages advanced AI and cloud-based solutions to streamline portrait management workflows, ensuring GDPR compliance and reducing costs, thereby transforming how companies present their most valuable asset—their people.

Size makes a difference

Where the portrait should be used is important to define befor final cropping – and thus optimize the use of portraits in the organisation. There is a difference in the requirements – both visual and technical – whether a portrait is to be used on a key card or in external sales material. Explore the nuanced impacts of portrait framing and angles, from the traditional chest-up shots to full-figure portrayals and dynamic angled poses. With Eikonice it is easy to manage the use of many different formats.

The classic format: Originating from painted portraits long before the camera was invented, the classic chest-up format remains prevalent for its professional appearance and focus on the face. This format emphasizes facial expressions, typically seen in professional LinkedIn profiles and company directories. However, it may restrict the expression of personal style and broader context about the person’s role or environment.

The half-figure cropping: Striking a balance, the half-figure portrait includes the upper body, allowing for slightly more context about the individual’s attire and gestures without needing extensive background space. This format can serve as a versatile middle ground, suitable for both formal and informal settings.

The full-figure portrait: Increasingly popular in modern corporate culture, full-figure portraits showcase more than just a face; they communicate a person’s attire, posture, and immediate surroundings, offering a holistic view. Ideal for feature stories or creative agencies, these portrayals lend personality to profiles but require careful consideration of background and setting to maintain professionalism.

Position makes a difference

just as cropping makes a difference, so does position. A direct, straight-on angle conveys reliability and confidence, often used for formal requirements. It portrays the subject as grounded and straightforward, suitable for legal or executive profiles where trust and authority are paramount.

Introducing angles, such as turning one shoulder towards the camera, can dramatically alter a portrait’s impact. A slight turn can suggest dynamism and approachability, often perceived as more engaging. These subtleties can influence perceptions of friendliness versus professionalism, impacting how employees are viewed by clients and colleagues.

When multiple employees are photographed in a similar style, the repetitive angles can create a batch effect, potentially making individual portraits less distinctive. Varying angles can enhance individuality, suggesting a diverse and dynamic team.

Leveraging flexibility in portraits

Choosing the right angle and framing for employee portraits is crucial, as these images represent the face of the company. With Eikonice’s automated, AI-driven solutions, companies can effortlessly manage and adapt their portrait strategies, ensuring they always put their best face forward.

Eikonice’s technology empowers companies to easily experiment with and update portrait styles, aligning with evolving fashion trends or branding strategies. This flexibility means that an employee’s image can be refreshed annually or as roles change, keeping the company’s visual presentation current and engaging.

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