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Shoot better portraits

Basic steps to make people love their corporate portraits

Eikonice offers a “ready-to-go” cloud solution to all companies who believe that their employees are the company’s most important asset.

Tips for high quality portraits made by your smartphone
  • Take the picture at the same time of the day e.g. just before lunch
  • Have a designated area where you take the pictures
  • Use the same distance for every photo
  • Write your portrait photo guidelines’ down for your company to secure similarity over time
…happy shooting!

Eikonice is tailor made for companies with multiple locations and many employees or a high employee turnover. Managing portraits of employee is becoming more and more important, but also complex – due to GDPR and digitalization in general.

Our app is a powerful tool that provides flexibility for employee portraits.

By automation we deliver an elimination of internal handling and a reduction of external cost – but even better, we create employee involvement together with executive overview when it comes to employee portraits.

External photographers can access the system, but alternatively you can also use a smartphone as camera. Our app developed for Eikonice makes it possible to take the portraits directly from your phone. A portrait should always look professional and aim to be as coherent and uniform as possible and that’s why we have developed a video to support the use of our app. Eikonice is a powerful tool that automatically ensures quality portraits on all company platforms and all new employees feel welcome with a smarter on-boarding process.

But it all starts with a great portrait – see the video or download our free e-book and get the basics in making a great portrait.

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Employee portraits has a great potential for organizations to visualize and demonstrate their values and the corporate identity – and get everybody to feel a part of the team.

All to often employee portraits are overlooked as an important and strategic part of showing how an organisation appreciates and values its employees. Eikonice optimize large scale handling of employee portraits into one smooth digital operation. Our innovative platform ensures a lean process from even before the photo session – and all the way to automatically up-load of high quality portraits on all digital platforms, while always staying GDPR compliant. With our AI powered platform we empower the synergy between Facility Management, Marketing and Human resource. Eikonice means minimum of coordination, no handling time and an executive overview for all stakeholders. What not to like?

See our quick guide on how to shoot a portrait on your smartphone like a pro.

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Learn how to take great corporate portraits

We have gathered the most important tips and tricks in an easy-to-follow guide – dedicated to helping people who need to take great pictures of their co-workers or employees for ID-cards, newsletters or SoMe-purposes. Absolutely free.


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