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Trends to watch

3 post corona trends in automation

Automation usage is expanding. Commonly it’s discussed in tandem with efficiency, but another dimension need to be added and that’s simplicity. Simplicity in processes, in people’s jobs and in overall workflows for companies.

Next in automation

3 areas to watch out for

  • New areas post corona
  • Reduce complexity
  • More orchestration

Corporate Portraits is an area where orchestration not only adds efficiency, but also greater satisfaction and a deeper connection with the organisation

The future should bring not only recovery, but also renewal and acceleration

According to EY research conducted pre corona, 60% of corporations responded cloud solutions accounted for the largest share of their technology investments in 2018 and 2019. Further 53% said that cloud will likely account for the largest share of investment over the next two years and during the corona crisis – with work from home becoming the new normal, IT spending on technologies supporting remote work and investments in cloud is seeing a steep increase. Cloud is no longer a cutting-edge experiment. It is, in fact, a business requirement, generating better economics and more innovation at great speed.

It’s our vision to create simplicity through automation of all the processes around employee portraits – this goes from before the photo session and all the way up to the final upload of a colour adjusted and cropped High-Res photo on all company platforms – internally and externally. And at the same we secure that the company complies with GDPR rules.

Our cloud based solution eliminates all internal handling in connection with continuous updating of employee portraits and the dialog that follows – and additinally there is a potentially cost cutting effect with Eikonice, since a sequence of our automated workflow is editing and cropping, which is usually done manually. But most importantly, Eikonice creates employee satisfaction and loyalty with relevant involvement on an individual level with all employees in the process.

Automation will in the coming year become an increasingly mainstream concept for all industries. Driven by trends such as personalization and customer journeys, demands for transparency in companies’ use of data and new technologies. Marketing automation is not a new concept, but many of the things that characterize this area of marketing will in the coming years see a shift towards greater use of customer data and a democratization of new technologies such as machine learning and AI. In the future automation will move on and we will see it play a role between several disciplines. Eikonice is an example of this and we offer simplicity through digital automation in the area between Facility Management, Marketing and Human Resource.


Trend 1: New areas due to corona

The pandemic has brought in constraints in human interaction due to health concerns, which has rocked the foundations of human interaction prior corona. Contactless and touch less mechanisms of consumer and employee interaction will therefore gain more adoption in 2021. Public touchscreens is not anymore a big thing. This trend extends the application of automation technologies to the areas requiring human-to-human contact, which can refine the overall customer experience.


Trend 2: Reduce complexity

Automating yesterday’s problems was yesterday’s mind-set. Automating tomorrow’s growth is today’s future. These words express the background for why automation is going from a focus of efficiency to in a greater extend create simplicity. Automation tend to be discussed in tandem with efficiency, but another dimension need to be added and that’s simplicity. Simplicity in processes, in people’s jobs and in overall workflows for companies. It’s al about reduce complexity.


Trend 3: More orchestration by automation

Now that the lowest-hanging fruit has been harvested on the efficiency tree, it’s time to take a more holistic approach for automation – that’s why the new black in automation will be “Orchestration”. Simply put, orchestration can make IT operation and maintenance more efficient and gain efficiency across different disciplines. It takes automation further – bringing it all together.

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