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Entering a new human era

Employee portraits will become more important in the future

We are moving from a period of time where technology is in focus, to a period where it is taken for granted – and humanity will again be in focus. We are heading towards a new human era.

How companies portray their employees

  • 45% Classic portrait with uniformed backgroud
  • 5% Classic portrait with no background (masked portraits)
  • 16% Portraits with mixed corporate backgrounds
  • 7% Portrait with relatively high personality, but still uniformed identity
  • 17% Portraits do not have a uniformed look at all – DIY photo / selfie
  • 2% Potraits with movement / film
  • 1% No Portrait, but avatar / icon
  • 7% Other
The missing chapter in the identity manual

If employee is the most important asset in the company, why is their portrait never covered in the brand manual?

In today’s market, employees should be considered as an invaluable asset – essential to providing the best product or service in the market. Improving employee efficiency and performance are major priorities for any company and it all starts with focus and ambitions for employee satisfaction – since employees in principle are the first customer of any organization.

We know from research that 90% find that a good corporate portrait is important. We also know, that most employees would like to choose their own corporate portraits and they would like it to be taken by a professional photographer. In the past it was difficult to meet this desire – but any organization can easily today increase employee loyalty and –satisfaction, by having a re-new focus on the employee portraits. After all, employees are the face of the organization. And it is the level of satisfaction that matters the most. So, if an employee isn’t happy, the person might spread a negative word about the company, even after leaving it. What’s more is that an unhappy employee will lack motivation and will not perform well, leading to unsatisfactory performance. This results in unachievable performance targets, low profits, and higher employee churn.

So next time your corporate identity manual needs an up-date – remember to develop a chapter for how to handle employee portraits. They are all part of the big picture.

We live in a period where technology day by day plays a bigger role in everyday life. Machine learning, AI, robot technology, blockchains, IoT, etc – all areas that are in rapid development and all offering enormous opportunities to all of us. As these technologies become more and more deeply integrated in our everyday lives, the role and visibility of “humanity” will become increasingly important – because it is still individual people, who has the biggest impact on companies, on society and on the world as a whole.

For companies, it will become important to strike the right balance between the employee’s personality and the corporate identity, as we shift from having a technological focus, to a period where technology is taken for granted – and thus the organisations’ focus will be on humanisinge and personalising their presense. Or you could say, that we are heading towards a new human era. Precisely for this reason, the employee portrait will hold more and more value – not just on external digital platforms, but also internally due to the new ways we work and collaborate.

From research we know that employee cares about personal appearance and like to have a role in the process.

Employee portraits has a great potential for organizations to visualize and demonstrate their values and the corporate identity – and get everybody to feel a part of the team. All to often employee portraits are overlooked as an important and strategic part of showing how an organisation appreciates and values its employees. Eikonice optimize large scale handling of employee portraits into one smooth digital operation.

90% of all employees find that having a good corporate portrait is important.

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