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Corporate portraits

Discover the AI-driven and hassle-free way of handling corporate portraits

Every employee is the face of your organisation. Present them everywhere with high-quality self-approved portrait. All handled on an intelligent management platform. 

Flaunt your greatest assets

…and grow pride and happiness

Eikonice ensures that every employee has a high quality portrait they are proud of on all internal and external platforms. When people feel appreciated, they happily walk the extra mile and spread the word about the company along the way.

Visuals – stronger than words

How you present your employees is essential part of the organization visual identity and it gives you an great opportunity to visualize the company values through your people.


Empower identity.
Intelligent editing. Automate delivery.

Portraits from any camera delivered in any design and resolution
to any system in your organisation  – instantly.

Discover the power of AI

Advanced AI automatically masks the person and adds the desired background and colour adjustments on the fly. You can add new designs and formats to existing portraits as you need them.


Any portrait from any source

Don’t change what you already do, unless you want to. The platform accomodates portraits from any camera – from pro SLRs to smartphones and photo-bots.


Make everyone
love their portraits

The platform lets everyone easily view, select and change their own preferred picture, as well as downloading it for personal use and LinkedIn.


Portraits for
all platforms

Intelligent integration ensures that portraits are updated across all organisational systems and automatically shares them to  e-mail, intranet, identity badges, LinkedIn and more.


One solution for
all portraits

Have a continuous overview of all organisational portraits throughout the employee journey. No matter where they are located. Goodbye to “Photo coming soon”.

Just shoot and select

…and let eikonice do the heavy lifting

A structured workflow

Just focus on taking great portraits of all your co-workers and let eikonice perform its magic. The edited portraits are delivered to all platforms and systems.

On-boarding like never before

A personalised employee journey from day one

Never miss an employee portrait in the onboarding phase again. eikonice helps you to show all the faces of the company on all digital platforms. Limit the resources used in HR for maintaining up-to-date and professional company portraits. eikonice secures easy delivery and management of employee portraits no matter the location of the individual employee.

How we help in…

Human resources

How we help in…

media and marketing

Always the right portrait

Any design, any file format – every time

Always have up-to-date and professional employee portraits of all employees for all communication purposes. Secure professional portraits on the company websites, social media and emails that all adhere to the visual design guide. Strengthen corporate visual identity while saving cost and manual labor for producing and editing new employee portraits.

fast, simple, easy

Keep identity cards updated for enhanced security

Eliminating the manual handling of editing and distributing employee portraits for visual identification. We enable you to continuisly produce high quality identity portraits right from your phone and across all locations, without depending on a photo robot. Get employee portraits that adhere to both company visual brand design and GDPR.

How we help in…

Facility management

Every face is the face of your organisation

Use employee portraits internally and externally

To welcome new people in your organization during the pre- and onboarding proces

On different internal platforms such as the intranet, office 365 and Zoom

In press releases and management reports

In your employee branding campaigns and LinkedIn profiles

On the website, customer support and message boards

In identification and security systems

Discover the news

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Eikonice has full integration for Microsoft/365 and Google Workspace – and with an open API, we provide full integration to all major HR systems, like

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The History of Portraits

Probably the most iconic portrait in the world is created by Leonardo da Vinci – and we don’t have to say more, you know already,

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Learn how to take great corporate portraits

We have gathered the most important tips and tricks in an easy-to-follow guide – dedicated to helping people who need to take great pictures of their co-workers or employees for ID-cards, newsletters or SoMe-purposes. Absolutely free.


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