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Dressed for succes

Treat people, for what they are – the most important asset of the company. They not only deserve it, but it actually also helps to create increased employee engagement and loyalty. Employee portraits could play a major role in this, because it gives companies the possibility of treating them as “stars”. A portrait is a highly personal thing, so instead of being sent into a cabin, the company has the opportunity to make it a personal experience. It’s about staging the personality of the employees through guidance and professionalism – or simply; to be seen as a VIP.


It is important to look great

Beautiful people are hardly happier. But high quality portraits help build greater self-esteem. The feeling that your company actually cares about you and makes an effort in the way they present you makes you feel appreciated – and this builds loyalty towards the company. The sense of “looking great” ensures a confident appearance – this has always been equally important, in private life as well as in work life. Successful companies are focused on strengthening their “employer branding” and the corporate portrait is an important element in this. They know that it makes a visible difference on the bottom line. When the employee’s act as ambassadors for the company and its products, the overall reputation of the company grows – and so does sales.


Increase engagement  through automation

With the increasing digitalisation and the growing number of platforms and systems, managing employee portraits has not only become much more important, but also more complicated and time-consuming. By automating all aspects of the process, Eikonice eliminates internal handling and reduces cost – but even better, we facilitate employee involvement as well as executive overview and GDPR compliance. On-boarding of  people will happen immediately with our mobile app and make the portrait available in all touch points from the first day. Thats how to welcome new people and make them fell as a part of the team from the very beginning.

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