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Working from home or remote working creates a need for companies to establish a digital environment that gets employees to feel part of the team from day one. Companies are well structured to deliver HW and home office equipment for remote working and the profile picture should be an integrated part of all digital platforms. The employee portrait is a unique way for companies to demonstrate their company values internally and externally.

Digitalisation has been on the agenda for years, but the pandemic accelerated the development and within a very short timeframe it has changed our lives dramatically in many ways, including the way we work. It has affected the way we shop on-line, use technology, our work-life balance and the future of flexible working. Businesses and individuals, have all been affected – one way or another – by the pandemic. While we know that many businesses have had an extremely difficult time, some businesses have managed to turn their fortunes around. In fact, many businesses are enjoying some very positive changes that have come out of the situation. One example of this is the hybrid workplace and many companies are taking steps towards hybrid working environments, where teams can work both remotely and in the office.

This means that workplaces are being distributed across offices and homes, and employees have the freedom to choose how they work. For companies to successfully work in this new way, they must be “virtually” ready. Leaders must know how to effectively onboard, manage, train and evaluate in this reality – and secondly the technology must be in place to enable virtual working.

With hybrid workplaces, remote communications are an area of technology that businesses are being forced to embrace. This means cloud storage is used for data and security measures in place for different modes of working.

A supportive culture is vital for motivation and engagement

Many companies are taking a second look at how they onboard new employees to create a meaningful, welcoming and inclusive moment that prepares them for their future in the company with a hybrid workplace.

For decades, we have been engrained to believe that nine-to-five-office-time was the best thing for business. As employees have been forced to work from home, and companies have had to embrace this change, we’re experiencing a change in productivity and employee freedom.

This shift in working life has encouraged businesses to take only the best parts of office culture, and free employees from inefficient processes and bad habits. Leaders are switching their focus from office culture to a more supportive culture, with a new focus on how to improve the lives of employees while still getting the best from them.

In order to be able to deliver an efficient onboarding, employee portraits is needed – especially in a hybrid workplace environment. Therefore companies’ use of portraits today is multifaceted and with the increasing digitalisation in a post pandemic era – employee portraits has become much more important, but also more complicated and time consuming for companies to handle. And Eikonice is on mission to change that.

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