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Eikonice has full integration for Microsoft/365 and Google Workspace – and with an open API, we provide full integration to all major HR systems, like Workday, SuccessFactors and others. In terms of integration, Eikonice is very flexible and can also be used in a semi-automated way – and still give the company the full advantage, when it comes to gain efficiency and GDPR compliance. Full integration means that Eikonice stays updated via the company ADD or HR system. Upload of portraits to the company website and other digital platforms is done directly.

For implementation of the full integrated Eikonice solution, we recommend to start in the IT-department to fully understand the IT-architecture and how the use of Eikonice can be optimized, within the existing structure.

But in a Semi-automated solution, Eikonice will simply act as an external platform supporting the portrait planning, handling and photo processing. Integration to Eikonice will be done through uploads from excel/csv files and bulk downloads of final portraits to the companys Digital Asset Management system or filesystem. In this way, Eikonice will still be an important and effective tool for creating increased efficiency and savings, in relation to the current company way of working.

The power of API

Businesses should embrace the power of APIs to help them reach their digital transformation and drive organizational innovation. The growth potential of the market shows that many enterprises are eager to embrace true agility and modularity. To do so, companies should prepare themselves by developing strong security practices within their IT teams to minimize potential threats and maximize potential gains.

APIs serve as the building blocks for today’s modern web applications, quickly connecting discrete services and enabling digital transformation efforts for enterprises and small-to-medium sized businesses. They’ve become especially appealing as organizations continue to be in constant search for ways to leverage their data, improve customer experience, expand offering and build a strong internal culture.

Eikonice is ready for the future – are you?

With the flexibility and open API approach Eikonice fits perfectly into any company, offering configuration options instead of expensive, customer-specific development.

Eikonice platform are a ISAE3000 certified data processor ready for a reliable expansion option that adds value to the existing IT landscapes of many companies – with an attractive total cost. And we are constantly focusing on offering more modern integration options to improve flexibility and agility.

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