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Generation Z

A whole new generation is entering the job market. Gen Z is markedly different from previous generations in their way of thinking and processing, and therefore a new and modernized approach to onboarding is needed. All companies need to take into account these differences and ensure that the company offers an onboarding process that is tailored to Gen Z. This may mean a more technologically advanced and flexible approach to onboarding, that is tailored to their preferred communication methods and work style.

For example, they have a shorter attention span and want a more interactive and engaging onboarding process with a motivating flow. A modernized approach to onboarding can therefore include a more interactive and game-based approach to getting to know the company.

Gen Z is also more likely to choose employers who have a strong corporate culture and a positive impact on society. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the company communicates its corporate culture and values in a way that appeals to Gen Z.

Pre-boarding take on a whole new perspective

A modernized approach to onboarding also means that the pre-boarding phase needs to be adjusted and take on a different role. The period between hiring a new employee and their first day on the job gives the company an opportunity to build relationship with the new employee and prepare them for their upcoming role and responsibilities. Gen Z, will be open to this in a new way than previous generations.

In the pre-boarding phase, a modernized approach may include sending welcome emails to the existing team and the new employee introducing each other and inform organization’s culture, and providing the new employees access to resources and tools they will need in their role. These meassures can help create a sense of belonging to the company even before the new employee’s first day on the job.

“…This generation has grown up with instant access to information, entertainment, and communication. As a result, they have developed a very different set of skills than their predecessors…”

Neil Howe, demographer and co-author of “Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069”

Gen Z is technology oriented and wants a more flexible and digital approach to work. Therefore, pre-boarding should include the use of digital tools and platforms, such as a virtual tour of the company’s facilities, an online onboarding process, and a mobile-friendly approach to communication and access to information. It could involve offering new employees access to mentorship programs and peer-to-peer networks that can help them integrate into the organization and learn more about their role and responsibilities.

The employee portrait support a personalised employee journey from before day one

Never miss an employee portrait in the onboarding phase. The personal portrait is one of the  most valuable assets for the employee and the company should recognize this, by implementing, a  structured and professional process. It would be of great value to both the company and the employee, if the employee is proud of their portrait and will use it in on private platforms like Linkedin. Eikonice helps companies to have a well structured process and ensure better and more consistent quality of the portraits on all the company  digital platforms. With the digitalization and the presence of Gen Z – employee portraits are becoming more and more important.

Limit the resources used in HR for maintaining up-to-date and professional portraits. Eikonice secures easy delivery and management of employee portraits no matter the location of the individual employee. Eikonice is an AI-driven and hassle-free way of handling corporate portraits – directly from your phone – or any other camera. Utilise the latest camera technology on your mobile phone to provide high quality portraits of your employees from before day one.


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