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Company Culture

To engage and motivate employees can be accomplished in many different ways, but the development and implementation of an improved culture depends on the will, ability and behaviour of the overall management. It’s that simple.

Since table football took its place in the hip companies and start-ups, a lot has happened. Diversity has become a goal for a healthy work environment in startups and established companies.

There is no better way to demonstrate diversity than by simply showing your people. Thus the corporate portraits have become an important tool in the way you describe and profilerate your organisation.

Portraits are a powerfull instrument in the employer-branding toolbox. They can capture a person’s unique quirks and individuality – and showcase an organisation’s diversity and personality.

Employee portraits transform organisations from a faceless entity to a corporate brand consisting of real people with whom your clients can relate. But further it makes people feel part of the team; it builds and supports the common culture and brand.

Eikonice help execute the HR strategy: demonstrate diversity, deliver engagement

With the increasing digitalisation and the growing number of platforms and systems, managing employee portraits has not only become much more important, but also more complicated and time-consuming. By automating all aspects of the process, we eliminate internal handling and reduce cost – but more importantly, we facilitate employee involvement as well as provide executive overview and GDPR compliance.

On-boarding happens immediately with our mobile app – and makes the portrait available in all touch points from the first day. That’s how to welcome new people and make them fell as a part of the team from the very beginning.

It is essential to maintain the overall corporate identity as well as to enable employees to express their personality within the company’s framework. Our automation garantees that all portraits comply fully with the chosen standards.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but shows only a fraction of the entire organisation. The many portraits provide the full picture of a unified team.

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