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Case: Merger – Jyske Bank

Always focus
on people

Portraits have always been prioritised as an important part of onboarding at Jyske Bank

Our focus is on establishing a new culture among the many new Jyske Bank employees and ensuring consolidation of Jyske Bank as a corporate brand both internally and externally. It's about welcoming the new employees and making them feel part of the Jyske Bank team as quickly as possible
Jens Skov
Director, Head of Events & Partnerships

Mergers represent an enormous change for employees and the corporate culture is often neglected.
That’s not the case for Jyske Bank

Jyske Bank is the 2nd largest Danish bank and in December 2022 Jyske Bank and Handelsbanken announced the agreement on the acquisition of Handelsbanken’s activities in Denmark.

The work of integrating  Handelsbanken Danish activities into Jyske Bank was initiated immediately. Jyske Bank aimed at implementing their standards, procedure and systems as quickly as possible. In this process, – and as one of the first things – Jyske Bank has prioritised the making of new portraits for over 600 employees at 42 locations in Denmark – all former Handelsbanken employees.

These portraits are incorporated on all Jyske Bank’s internal and external platforms, the website, business cards and much more. Portraits shot by a professional photographer, is a part of the onboarding process for all the new employees.

For Jyske Bank, corporate branding is increasingly about establishing a common culture, where onboarding is an important tool to ensure the retention and recruitment of employees. Likewise, it is of course also about the more classic arguments behind the establishment of a corporate brand, such as securing a good image and corporate governance.

A clear focus on the employees in the merger between Jyske Bank and Handelsbanken

The arguments for prioritising the employee portrait early in the phase for Jyske Bank, has been twofold. Rational technical advantages, such as efficiency, branding and systems, as well as the softer emotional values focusing on the employees.

Rational arguments:


When the new employees see their co-workers’ faces, it will help them identify and connect with their team members. This will make it easier to navigate the organisation and find the right person to contact for specific tasks.


The employee portraits is used on all Jyske Bank’s platforms, and they will thus help create a unified culture where all employees feel part of the same organisation. It will also strengthen the bank’s branding, as it sends a signal that all employees are part of Jyske Bank.


Having all the employee portraits in a standardised form will make it easier to integrate the former Handelsbanken employees into Jyske Bank. It will also make it easier for customers and business partners to understand their personal contact is now part of Jyske Bank.

Emotional arguments:


By prioritising the employee portraits, Jyske Bank shows that they value all employees in the organisation equally and that the former Handelsbanken employees has checked in to the bank. This creates a sense of cohesion and belonging among all employees.


By making new employee portraits, Jyske Bank also shows respect for the former Handelsbanken employees and their individual identities. This shows that Jyske Bank wants to get to know them and that they are willing to invest time and resources in integrating them into the organisation.


The employee portraits can also help to create a positive culture in the organisation. Seeing the faces of the people you work with can create a feeling of being part of a team. It can also help break down prejudices and create a more open and inclusive work culture.

Over 600 new employees in 42 different locations

Over the past few years, Jyske Bank has used the Eikonice platform in their monthly onboarding activities with a high degree of employee satisfaction. It was therefore natural for Jyske Bank to use Eikonice to solve the task of photographing their new employee and have the portraits delivered quickly and efficiently to Jyske Bank’s systems, as well as to the employees.

A unique workflow

The Eikonice automated workflow is starting with the planner – it handles all the planning of photo sessions, no matter how many people or locations, for that matter. The planning tool ensures that the process is efficient and involves the employees in all steps of the process.

The Eikonice planner has flexibility at its core and employees have the opportunity to plan their portrait timeslot to match the rest of their workday. They can book, cancel and change their timeslot as the need arises and any free timeslots are immediately available to those, for employees who have not already booked. All the necessary communication is handled automatically and the planner informs about any changes and sends calendar bookings and SMS reminders to all employees. The icing on the cake – the planner can send the final photoplan with all necessary information directly to the photographer. It doesn’t get any easier.

It has been very smooth – there is really no reason not to get started
Nathalie Puvis de Chavannes
Direktionssekretær (former PA, Handelsbanken)

Eikonice support the onboarding process

Employee portraits have always been a high priority for Jyske Bank. It has been a regular part of the onboarding process, that all employees were photographed in connection with the onboarding program for new employees. During the Covid-19 shutdown, Jyske Bank had to rethink the onboarding process, including how employee portrait should be processed in the future.

In this connection, Jyske Bank was presented with Eikonice, a solution that provides greater flexibility around the photo session and at the same time a faster and more efficient processing of all the portraits. And Eikonice, ensures an integrated workflow in accordance with GDPR – with photo planning, automatic colour correction and cropping according to company guidelines with an automatic upload to all digital platforms.

Overall, the prioritisation of the employee portraits will help to create a more efficient and cohesive organisation, while at the same time creating a positive and inclusive culture in Jyske Bank.

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